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Oct 31 2011


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The actual poem of the week. Dedicated to an awsome book.  Feels like one big cliche tho…

We live in sin, you and I
From their eyes we must hide
To the world we must lie
From fear they will condemn our love affair
Bounded forever by the labels that we wear
Brother, I call thee
Sister, you call me
Your warmth that I crave is forbidden
These sick feelings wont be forgiven
Underneath the sun’s ray
Its a dangerous game we play
But in the still night
This lust we can no longer fight
Coveted by darkness I expose my naked soul
And by the moon’s shadow we’ve become whole
Yet a grave mistake we have made
By our kin we’ve been betrayed

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Oct 31 2011

eternal life

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uhmmm, trying something new…..

The last second in which the sunlight surrenders
Letting the world be shrouded by black shadow
Punishing the arrogance of humans
I endure the torment of the cold
And the north wind’s pretentious roar
Resisting fate

This is an inevitable calamity
No matter who you think you are
Anything, anything at all
O beloved one, don’t sorrow
Just hold tightly to my hand

After the world has ended
I will still love you beyond the immensity of the sky and earth
Creating a new universe for you
Deathless warmth of the deathless body

Bracing sorrow, no turning back
But sensing the tears you’re unable to stem now
Only with love can one sleep forever without rotting
Only with you can I find myself


Just trying it out –

You and Me

Let’s make art together. Collide. And see what happens. You and me. Tonight. Only one night. Don’t think, but feel the seducing and arousing sensation between you and me. I want your bare ugliness. You are beautiful that way. Don’t underestimate and be afraid. Dance, let’s get saucy babe.

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Oct 22 2011

Rest in Peace

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The Grim Reaper, the bringer of death
Brings forth a tragedy like Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
A lost loved one is an emotional mess
To all those who knew them at their very best.
Whether they died of old age, or died way too young
Even today, we wished they were still among.
But they’re gone now, and up in that place
To all those who died I say, “Requiescat in pace”.

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Oct 17 2011

Unrequited Love

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When I see you my heart skips a beat
I hide my feelings and try to keep it discrete.
But it’s too much to bear, even for me
I want to tell you we were meant to be

I just know we would make the perfect team
But everything is nothing more then a simple dream.
How I wish you could see what lies in my heart
Even this poem I write is nothing more then art

A simple drawing of our love without end
But to you, I’m nothing more then just a friend
In the end it’s all just a one-sided love
But one of these days, I know you’ll become my dove.

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Oct 10 2011

A crappy love poem

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Woke up, didn’t see the sun shining bright   

My skin so cold, your touch’s what I’m missing 

Clouds gather around like a storm tonight  

Do you feel that? My heart’s reminiscing  

Since the angels took you away from me

Time’s been frozen in the dead of winter

I try to break through from beneath that sea

But the waves swallow me and I whimper

The dark blue sea washed me up to the shore

To have you back would be my only wish

Thinking of you my tears begin to pour

Many more things we had to accomplish

Now that you are gone it’s all but a dream

You are above smiling down like a sunbeam


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Oct 09 2011

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I cross the congested street to get to the Q76 bus stop to find it completely devoid of any human existence, well, that’s nothing out of the ordinary. A bird flies out of the tree branch hanging above my head and I find myself alone with my thoughts. I notice that the sidewalk is lined with cars; you can’t park a car in front of the bus stop sign, I wanna yell out, but there is no one around to hear me. Oh, they have a match, no wonder there are so many cars parked here today. Jeez, they even got cheerleaders; these girls are seriously living a suburban life. I glance at my watch, it’s 5:00p.m., and…yup, here they come. For the past week I have been dreading their arrival and here they are, dressed in their soccer uniforms on a day when I have one of my infamous headaches, no less. Its 5:09 and I walk up and down the sidewalk, once again listening to their conversation; “the bus is here!” says one of them. I glance up and sure enough there it is; my chariot awaits me.


I climb onto the bus and I’m almost instantly drawn to him, to the boy in the front seat. He is wearing a white shirt that hugs his body and shows off his arms, the ends of his worn-out jeans, that I imagine are riding dangerously low on his hips, are gathered around his yellow Timberlands. There is nothing particular about his face but I’m attracted to the rich, golden color of his skin. He folds his arms across his chest, tilts his head to the side and closes his eyes in a fruitless attempt to take a nap, meanwhile the soccer-playing high school girls proceed to the rear of the bus in all their loud and obnoxious glory. My sun-kissed boy picks up his head and glances in the direction of the giggling, a look of annoyance crosses his face; I know, I answer him as if we could communicate telepathically, they piss the shit out of me as well.


It’s 5:20, someone signals the bus to stop; the girls get off and a third grade Spanish boy with his mom get on board and unfortunately for my golden boy, wedge into the seat between him and the woman on the other end. I look at my boy and the kid sitting side by side and think how in a crazy, ironic twist or perhaps another lifetime they could actually be brothers. The boy gives it another shot at sleep but its useless, this kid is all over the place: asking his mom a hundred question, taking papers out of his backpack and the periodic bumping of the arm against the boy’s right arm. At one point I start to smile and realize that this kid is being just that, a kid. My boy doesn’t seem to care about that, I bet I wouldn’t either if I were in his shoes right about now. It’s 5:25, I take a glimpse at my boy and step off the bus; as the distance between us increases, I want to reach out to him and tell him that I understand how he feels. Instead the bus doors close and I’m left far behind.      


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