Oct 31 2011

eternal life

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uhmmm, trying something new…..

The last second in which the sunlight surrenders
Letting the world be shrouded by black shadow
Punishing the arrogance of humans
I endure the torment of the cold
And the north wind’s pretentious roar
Resisting fate

This is an inevitable calamity
No matter who you think you are
Anything, anything at all
O beloved one, don’t sorrow
Just hold tightly to my hand

After the world has ended
I will still love you beyond the immensity of the sky and earth
Creating a new universe for you
Deathless warmth of the deathless body

Bracing sorrow, no turning back
But sensing the tears you’re unable to stem now
Only with love can one sleep forever without rotting
Only with you can I find myself


Just trying it out –

You and Me

Let’s make art together. Collide. And see what happens. You and me. Tonight. Only one night. Don’t think, but feel the seducing and arousing sensation between you and me. I want your bare ugliness. You are beautiful that way. Don’t underestimate and be afraid. Dance, let’s get saucy babe.

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  1.   samanthaon 31 Oct 2011 at 2:38 am

    “Only with love can one sleep forever without rotting”

    I love this line^^^^^
    Margarita, this is grimly beautiful. I love how the opening words capture you and create a time and setting. The ending is inevitable but you make it so remarkably romantic. It kind of reminds me of Poe’s Annabel Lee. It has that dark feeling although in Poe’s poem the very alive man slept next to the very dead woman and probably had sex with her. yeah….I love this poem!!

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